What Is A Family? Poem Print

A funny and honest family poem print in A4 size with funky typographic design.

Our witty and heartfelt family print makes the perfect gift for parents, siblings and friends - whether it's for a birthday, christening, Christmas, Mother's Day, or becoming a new parent. Touchingly, it is also a popular gift for newly adopting families, which makes us very proud!

Written by our award-winning poet Joanna Miller, this 21 line poem captures the fun times, the not so fun times(!) and the unrivalled bond we share with our families.

Whether it's relying, crying or a little white lying, everyone will recognise the experiences described in 'What is a Family?'

The poem is printed onto the highest quality card which measures H29 x W21cm (A4). It comes unframed and is presented smartly in cellophane with backing board behind.  The poem text/font is taupe but it is also available in blue.

The text reads:

What is a Family?

It’s sharing, comparing, bonding & caring

It’s hugging & squeezing, talking & teasing

It’s praising & knowing, belonging & growing

It’s guiding, providing, trusting, confiding

It’s loving & kissing, nurturing, missing

It’s working & playing, treating & paying

It’s arguing, fighting & often delighting

It’s visiting, hosting & Sunday roasting

It’s relaxing & boring, most reassuring

It’s coaxing & charming, appeasing & calming

It’s waiting, debating, fulfilling, elating

It’s needing & feeding & tactful conceding

It’s driving, conniving, learning & thriving

It’s holding & nursing, worrying, cursing

It’s stressing, confessing & making a messing

It’s loaning & moaning, helping & phoning

It’s bickering, laughing, bedding & bathing

It’s listening, coping, planning & hoping

It’s relying, crying, a little white lying

It’s forgiving & mending, liking, depending

That’s what makes a family!

Copyright Joanna Miller 2013



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