A Letter To Mum Poem Print

A rhyming letter of thanks (and apology!) from an older daughter to her much-loved Mum.

This moving and heartfelt poem makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or a Birthday.

The poem was written by Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller who has a lot of teenage tantrums to apologise for! The design is by Stephanie Cole.

The poem has been printed on the highest quality card which measures H30 x W21cm (A4). It is unframed. 

The wording of the poem is:

A Letter to Mum

To my wonderful Mum

I have to say sorry

For the teenage tantrums

And all of the worry

For all the times

I answered you back

Sulked and protested

And veered off the track.

Thanks for forgiving,

(Just one of your gifts)

For the listening ear

The advice and the lifts

Your unquestioning love

Your caring devotion

The hugs and support

At times of commotion.

You told me the truth

Yet let me be me

And helped me to find

Who I wanted to be.

You shaped me and gave me

All that you had

Stayed by my side

In good times and bad.

So thank you for showing

What parents should be

With all of my love Mum

Forever - from me.

Copyright Joanna Miller 2014.

(Author's permission required to reproduce this poem).

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