Our unisex Elf for Christmas Magical Reward Refill Kit is a unique pack to promote good behaviour throughout December. The Refill Kit is full of fun, helping you bring the magic of a Christmas Elf to life year after year.

'A magical set of letters, stickers, cards & notes - can't wait to use this with my boys in December. Will they behave for Elf!!!!?'

Our Christmas Refill Kit is suitable to reward good behaviour for either 1 or 2 children. Most items can be shared in a family with siblings. We have included two Nice List Certificates and two Letters to Santa, so each child can personally have their own.

Larger families, or anyone that wants each child to have a whole Christmas Reward Kit to themselves, will need multiple packs.

Our unique Elf for Christmas Magical Reward Kit includes:

    • An Arrival Letter from Santa - straight from the North Pole, explaining why Elf is here (designed so you can personalise it with your child's name).
    • Mini Elf Report cards - report cards for good behaviour. We have also included 2 Naughty List warning cards, just in case you need them. Use these as you see fit!
    • 2 x Letter to Santa templates - have some fun writing to the Big Man himself with this official North Pole Correspondence. We have included a space for drawing Santa a picture too.
    • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates - with space to personalise the certificate with your child's name and a description of exactly what they have achieved.
    • Christmas Reward Chart and a sheet of Elf Stickers - personalise the chart with your child's name and choose tasks you would like them to try. Ideal for household chores, tidying, reading, kindness or potty training. A fun way to reward good behaviour every day. The chart has multiple columns so can be shared with 2 children.
    • Beware of the Elf Sign and Santa Please Stop Here sign - just a bit of fun for your door - to warn guests you have a Mischievous House Elf and remind Santa you have been good.
    • Departure Letter - from Elf, thanking you for your hospitality. Perfect to leave out on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning when Elf has departed.
    • A Thank You postcard - you can send to your children, from Elf, in January to thank them for looking after Elf. A lovely magical reminder of the fun they have had!

Our graphic designers are self confessed big kids with a Christmas addiction - and it hows!

'I bought this set after seeing it at my friends, my children are 2 & 6 and they both loved seeing what the Elf did, the reward chart and the stickers were a big hit and I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to start a fun Elf tradition. My little boy still talks about Elfy now. Thank you!'

'Elf for Christmas never fails. It is a magical tradition our family has used for 3 years now. My daughter expects Elf to come - and she loves the mischief he gets up to.'