The Coffee Lover's Week Poem Print

This hand inked print of 'The Coffee Lover's Week' poem makes a witty and unique gift for coffee lovers.

Part of our fun and cheeky 'days of the week' collection, it's an ideal gift for any coffee lover.

Whether it's a Latte, Americano or Flat White, we all know someone who can't live without a daily cup of coffee.

This original poem was written by the extremely talented Bespoke Verse poet, Joanna Miller. It is printed on the finest quality card which measures H30 x W21cm (A4). It comes unframed.

The poem reads:

The Coffee Lover’s Week

On Mondays getting up is trouble

Without a quick Espresso (double)

Tuesdays if I’ve had a shocker

My only solace is a Mocha,

Wednesdays if I get frustrated

It has to be decaffeinated,

Thursday when I’m back on track

I’ll have a trusty filter (black),

On Fridays just before a party

I’ll grab a fortifying Latte,

Saturdays just don’t feel right

Without a paper and Flat White,

And Sundays end with Frappuccino

Or a bedtime Cappuccino!

Copyright Joanna Miller 2014. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)



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