The Chocolate Lover's Week Poem Print

'The Chocolate Lover's Week' poem print is a fun (and slightly cheeky!) ode to chocolate and chocoholics.

Part of the 'days of the week' poem collection, we're celebrating all the delicious ways we enjoy chocolate, and have created this unique gift for chocolate lovers.

Perfect as a birthday present, Christmas gift, or Mother's Day token.

Whether it's chocolate spread in bed, or chocolate cake on your break, everyone knows someone who loves their chocolate!

This original poem was written by the extremely talented Bespoke Verse poet, Joanna Miller. It is printed on the finest quality card which measures H30 x W21cm (A4). It comes unframed.

The poem reads:

The Chocolate Lover’s Week

On Mondays when I have a break

I can’t resist some chocolate cake

On Tuesdays I awake and dream

Of double chocolate chip ice cream

Wednesdays, if I’m tired and frowny

I perk up with a chocolate brownie

On Thursdays it is just no use

I have to dine on chocolate mousse

Fridays, I’m discovered huffing

Unless I’ve had a chocolate muffin

Saturdays, I spend in bliss

With a milky bar of Swiss

And Sundays I relax in bed

With paper, toast and chocolate spread!

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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