Son Poem Print

A witty and moving poem for a son. Perfect for gift for an older son or a mother of teenage sons! Can be personalised.

A great way to tell your son what he means to you - whether it's his birthday, christmas, or a special occasion like his wedding or graduation.

Also a great talking point and gift for mothers of sons who will recognise some of the positive and negative traits described in the poem!

The print comes unframed.

Written by award-winning Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller, whose two sons have inspired her writing.

The poem is printed onto the highest quality GF Smith A4 card (330gsm) using Dura-Bright waterproof ink. There is no mount around the print.

Unframed prints arrive flat, wrapped in cellophane, in a super stiff envelope.

The poem reads:

What is a Son?

A handsome fella & great story teller

A techie lover (& teacher of mother)

A loyal protector & problem deflector

A life-enhancer, a knows-the-answer

A laugher, a chatterer, a talented flatterer

A piggy backer & midnight snacker

 A sock loser & sofa snoozer

 A frown remover, allergic to hoover

 A heart-breaker & mickey-taker

 A joy bringer, a texter & ringer

 A winker, a thinker, a smiler & drinker

 A party goer & ball thrower

 A birthday forgetter, a joker & better

 A noisy debater, a stay out too later

 A heavy bag holder, a reliable shoulder

 A mess maker, a midday waker

 An ask for a lifter, a generous gifter

 A fridge forager, cash borrower

 A friend & adviser, a solution deviser

 A pride inducer & grandchild producer

 That’s what makes a son! 

 The poem is the copyright of Joanna Miller 2015. The author's permission is required to reproduce this poem in part or whole.

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