Pink/Blue Tinc GlowGo Illuminated Back Pack

This funky backpack really is something special... It lights up as you move around!
With cool fibre optic lights running all the way around the rim of Fuzzy Man's funky sunglasses and a sensitive motion sensor that can tell even if you've moved only slightly you'll find yourself the centre of attention and the envy of all your friends whenever you walk, run, wriggle or jiggle!
Plus this also has all the usual great features of a Tinc backpack (water bottle holder, branded lining, zip pulls and more) so there's even more ways this backpack will dazzle everyone.
Backpacks require 3x AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED) but don't worry... one of the greatest benefits to fibre optic tech is that it consumes very little power so you won't need to buy them again for absolutely ages.

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