Black Tinc Big Boom Stand 'n' Speaker

BOOM! Stupendous sound from our latest and largest amazingly stylish boom box. Simply place your phone on top of the speaker and listen to your top tunes. There are two places in which you can connect your phone with this speaker, either by placing your device flat onto the top of the speaker or by using the in-built stand where you can have your phone vertical or horizontally positioned in order to watch videos whilst listening to the fantastic amplified sound for 6 hours on average.

- Compatible with all iPhones and mobile devices with an external speaker.
- USB charging cable included, plus 50cm AUX cable.
- No need for batteries; recharge with/from your computer or laptop.
- 5W Speaker. Much louder than just using your phone. (The latest phones only have speakers up to 1.5W)

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