Mum Bird Poem Print Purple

A Mum poem that says it all, with simple, elegant wording and bird illustration.

Our beautifully designed Mum print makes the perfect gift for a mother - whether it's her birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or simply because she is wonderful!

The theme is all about what mums do and mean to us. The poem ends with a thank you to your individual and precious mum.

Written by Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller, this poem is actually a 14-line sonnet. The gorgeous design is by Russet and Gray.

Whether she is a rock, a queen bee, an oak or a lynchpin, every mum deserves (and loves) a bit of recognition now and then!

The poem is printed on the highest quality card which measures H30 x W21cm (A4).  It comes unframed and is presented smartly in cellophane with backing board behind. The poem font/text is taupe.

The purple text reads:


You’re always there to understand

To listen and to lend a hand

To help and worry, smile and guide;

I know you’re always on my side.

Like the roots that anchor trees

Like the queen who rules her bees

You’re a sturdy oak, a beam,

The staunch defender of our team.

You’re the lynchpin, axis, core

The lighthouse guiding us to shore,

The rock that’s there whatever weather,

And keeps the family together.

Thank you for the things you do -

And thank you Mum for being you.

Copyright Joanna Miller 2013.

(Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.

Please see the full range of fabulous poem prints available.

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