Love Poem Print

Written by award-winning Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller, this 20 line poem captures the range experiences and emotions that love inspires.

Whether it's tender supporting, or raucous cavorting, everyone will recognise the experiences described in 'What is a Love?'

The poem is printed on the highest quality card which measures H30 x W21cm (A4). It is unframed and presented smartly in cellophane with backing board behind. The poem text font colour is taupe (the image to the left shows the poem print with a grey font).

What is Love?

It’s knowing & needing, accepting, conceding

It’s pleasing & squeezing, laughing & teasing

It’s wanting & wishing, wooing & kissing

It’s depending, heart-rending, loyal defending

It’s wining & dining, shaping, defining

It’s guessing, confessing, holding, undressing

It’s tempting, confusing, alluring, amusing

It’s learning & growing, envying, glowing

It’s dating & dancing, taking a chancing

It’s flirting & fighting, giving, inviting

It’s planning & dreaming, propping & leaning

It’s vowing & hoping, cuddling, coping

It’s taking & trusting, looking & lusting

It’s planning & bonding, asking, responding

It’s tender supporting, raucous cavorting

It’s daring & caring, wondering, sharing

It’s exciting, delighting, staying the nighting

It’s praising & lazing, forgiving & blazing

It’s protecting, adoring, relaxing & snoring

It’s secret confiding & shoulder providing

That’s the meaning of Love.

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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