Marriage Poem Print

A witty and warm marriage poem that explores the real and the romantic sides of marriage! 

This funny, honest and moving marriage print makes the perfect wedding present. It is ideal for anniversaries and valentines day. It is also suitable as a reading at a ceremony.

Written by Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller, this poem has featured in magazines such as ‘Wedding Ideas’ and ‘Unique Bride’. In 2013 she won the Wedding Industry Experts Award for ‘Best Wedding Writer.’ The eye-catching typographic design was the creation of Russet and Gray.
Whether it’s snoring, Sunday roasting or shoulder-providing, everyone will recognise the range of shared experiences and feelings ‘What is a Marriage?’ describes.

The A4 print comes unframed (H29 x W21cm) and is presented smartly in cellophane with backing board behind. The text/font is blue but it is also available in taupe.

The text reads:

What is a Marriage?
It’s loving & cherishing, hopefully relishing
It’s hosting & toasting & Sunday roasting
It’s having & holding, the odd little scolding
It’s guessing, confessing & nightly undressing
It’s trying, relying, a little white lying
It’s snoring, adoring, occasionally boring
It’s enduring, alluring & most reassuring
It’s knowing & showing, & mutually growing
It’s compliment giving & always forgiving
It’s sharing & caring & dressing gown wearing
It’s walking, it’s talking & bottle uncorking
It’s tender supporting & raucous cavorting
It’s secret confiding & shoulder providing
It’s readily praising & often amazing
It’s loving, respecting & calmly accepting
It’s cleaning, it’s mopping, it’s waltzing & bopping
It’s needing, conceding & possibly breeding
It’s playing & paying, it’s coping & staying
It’s comfort when weeping, a warm body sleeping
It’s lives interweaving & always believing
That’s what makes a marriage.

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012. (Author’s permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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