What Is A Dad? Poem Print

This poem is a witty, affectionate verse about fathers and all they do for us.

Our funny and heartfelt A4 poem print makes the perfect gift for fathers - whether it's for a birthday, christmas, father's day or even a new parent.

Whether he's a stubbly snorer, a spider remover or a terrible teaser, everyone will recognise the hero described in 'What is a Dad?'

The poem is printed on the highest quality card which measures H30 x W21cm (A4). It is unframed and presented smartly in cellophane with backing board behind. The poem background colour is grey but it is also available in taupe.

The text reads:

What is a Dad?

A feeder, a changer, a safeguard from danger

A stubbly snorer, an offspring adorer

A sandcastle digger, a tree-house rigger

A planner & wisher, a wasp & bug squisher.

A hider & seeker, a natural competer

A storybook reader, a motorway speeder

A great fire lighter & ‘dad joke’ reciter

A cuddly tickler, rarely a stickler.

A room decorator, a shopping trip hater

A spider remover, allergic to hoover

A butler & porter, a coach & supporter

A sticker, a tricker & ball-loving kicker.

A tutor, commuter & whiz with computer

A batsman & bowler, financial controller

A gadget admirer, a BBQ firer

A lender, a mender, a knightly defender.

A grower, a mower, an everything knower

A bottle uncorker, a supper-time talker

A firework banger, a wallpaper hanger

A game inventor, role model & mentor.

A bin putter-outer & sometimes a shouter

A free taxi driver, a slipper of fiver

A party enhancer, embarrassing dancer

A contest decider, a lecture provider (line 24)

A terrible teaser & all round good geezer

A giver-awayer & grandchildren player... (line 26)

That’s what makes a Dad!

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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