Wallbook of Sport

Imagine the whole history of sport hanging on a wall like William-the-Conqueror’s extraordinary Bayeux Tapestry! That’s the effect of unfolding the amazing new What on Earth? Wallbook of Sport which literally covers hundreds of the top sporting moments, records and dramas stretching on a timeline starting from the first Olympic games in 776 BC to London 2012.

Which ancient Olympic superstar was eaten by wolves?  Who was the most notorious cheat in the world of Roman chariot racing? What’s the worst ever round of golf in a professional tournament? Who is regarded as the first billionaire in modern sport?

Discover the answers to these amazing facts – and hundreds more  – in 8 giant pages of beautifully illustrated sporting moments charting the history of more than 66 different sports! On the reverse side, a special editorial supplement features all the most memorable moments from the modern Olympic movement starting in 1896 all the way up to 2012 – and even includes a championship sports crossword!

Perfect for younger readers but also relevant to all ages, this comprehensive, accessible and versatile wallbook is the first ever illustration of the entire history of sport on a single piece of paper.

Suitable for 7yrs+

Height: 43 cms
Width: 31 cms
Depth: 0.5 cms
Length (when fully unfolded): 2.4 metres