Teacher Poem Slim Notebook

Thank a great teacher for a job well done with our fun and unique 'What is a Teacher?'poem A5 notebook which includes 36 blank white pages. 

The 100% recycled kraft paper cover is beautifully printed in black ink and the poem is sure to be a talking point. The pages are made of high quality 90gsm uncoated, recycled paper. The notebook measures A5 - H21 x W14.5cm.

The poem was written by award-winning Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller and the eye-catching typographic design was the creation of Russet and Gray.

Whether the teacher in question is a trip organiser, an inspiring mentor or a corridor stalker, they will definitely feel appreciated with this thoughtful gift.

The poem reads:

What is a Teacher?

A walker, a talker, a corridor stalker

A leader, director & tactful corrector

A role-model, tutor, a whiz with computer

A natural persuader, a daily first-aider

A reader, a writer, reports all-nighter

A printer, protector, a problem deflector

A marker, a setter, a sender of letter

A natural orator, a known confiscator

A divider, decider, a spare pen provider

A cutter, a sticker, a fair-minded picker

A debater, relater & smile reinstater

A pairer, a carer, a lesson preparer

A defender, a lender, a broker & mender

A creator, inventor, inspiring mentor

A smiler, a filer, a stay back a while

A parent reminder, lost property finder

A keen finder-outer, & sometimes a shouter

A describer, reviser, a trip organiser

A thinker, a winker, a covered in inker

An on your sider & staff-room resider

That’s what makes a Teacher!

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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