Spiced Cinnamon Fragrance Pod For Luminara Fragranced Diffusing Candle

Enjoy this Fragrance Capsule by Luminara.  A country spice blend of freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, brown sugar, pure essential oils and a touch of maple create a holiday favourite. 

  • Bring all the wonderful scents of the season into your home with this Fragrance Pod from Luminara
  • Infused with natural essential oils to create distinctive true-to-life scents
  • Measures 8.25cm L x 1.8cm W x 16.5cm H
  • Gel wax/plastic material
  • 200 hours Fragrance from a Pod


      Online Reviews:

      'These candles are a cut above the rest. I love them and they are worth every penny.  The infusions are wonderful and there are plenty to choose from. I will be purchasing another'.

      'These are absolutely the best candles I have ever used. They hold scent cartridges that fill the air with wonderful aromas such as Orange Blossom, Fig & Moss & Jasmin & Neroli.  The candles themselves look so real. I received one as a present and purchased three more. I love that they have a 5-hour timer on them. Would highly recommend to any and everyone'

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