Patchwork & Embroidered Mouse House with Two Mice

This pretty embroidered patchwork mouse house with two adorable mice is the perfect gift for a little girl.  It has only just arrived but has already proven to be extremely popular with the little ones.  It is guaranteed to stimulate their imagination and make a wonderful addition to their make believe worlds.  

The house, which measures 38cm (high) x 20cm (wide), is made of khaki coloured pure cotton fabric with appliqued windows, flowers and fence on the outside and a red & white polka dot interior.  It has a fabric hook to enable it to be hung from anywhere.

The adorable mice stand 10cm tall, making them the perfect size for little hands!  There is a pretty girly mouse wearing a red gingham dress with a white cotton pinny and cotton lace trim and an adorable boy mouse wearing dinky blue gingham dungarees!  How could any child not fall in love with these little friends!

Please note that the mouse house and mice can also be purchased individually (see below) or as a set with the mouse house and four adorable mice.


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