Luminara Candle Remote Control

Luminara IR remote for use with Luminara Living Flame Candles, works with all none fragranced Luminara Candles. Only one remote need for multiple candles.

Luminara launched its innovative, patented living flame wax diffusing candle in 2016 it was introduced to Europe in 2017 and showcased natural oil fragrances developed in conjunction with Paris fragrance houses. Luminara fragrance diffusing candles give you all of the fragrance and romance of real candles without the risk or worry. Boasting a safer and more long-lasting function as its namesake, it is crafted with a real-flame effect. The pillar candle from Luminara features the real-flame effect of flickering as the candle diffuses a natural fragrance made from essential oils. This safe candle is battery powered and designed to be used by anyone, anywhere.

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