Gold Hand Stitched Notebook

These hand stitched notebooks are handy to pop in your bag and jot down ideas whilst out and about. Made with 100% recycled paper, hand stitched and bound with a natural 'cotton leather' cover.

Jot it down before you forget it! We take pleasure in making the everyday beautiful, so ensure your meeting notes, shopping lists and thoughts, dreams and desires are well-housed with our collection of journals and notebooks, with 'cotton leather' cover, made from 100% recycled cotton remnants formed and pressed into sheets by hand to look and feel like the real deal.

Handmade with love and care. Due to the handmade nature, each notebook is truly unique and no two will ever be identical. Any imperfections should be celebrated as a testament to the hard work of the talented artisans. We believe this adds to their beauty and charm.

Available in 3 sizes: Small (13.7cm x 10.7cm x 1.8cm), Medium (18cm x 13.5cm x 2cm) , Large (21.8cm x 16cm x 2.3cm)
100% Recycled Cotton
Available in Silver and Gold

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