Emergency Eyeglass Repair Kit

Eyeglass repairs are only a problem if you aren't prepared for them. Purchase this Emergency Eyeglass Repair Kit, and you'll have everything you need to make basic repairs to glasses and sun glasses. The compact kit is packed in a handsome tin that contains 1 Flat head screwdriver, 1 pair of tweezers, 2 nose pads, 2 Frame grips, 4 Screws, 1 Magnifying glass, 1 Philips-head screwdriver, 1 Microfiber cloth. Stores easily and at the ready in your purse, office or car. Measures 3.7" l x 2.4" w x .7" h.

Features of the Emergency Eyeglass Repair Kit include:

  • Handy kit for basic eyeglass repair
  • Flat head screwdriver, Philips-head screwdriver, tweezers, 2 nose pads, Frame grips, 4 Screws, Magnifying glass, Microfiber cloth, storage tin
  • Perfect for home, office, car and travel
  • 3.7" l x 2.4" w x .7" h

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