Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Set

Nothing could be sweeter than Christmas carnival Christmas tree-shaped cookies cutters - and with these metal Christmas tree-shaped cookie cutters you can make cookies in three sizes, 9 x 7cm, 6.5 x 5.5 x 4cm, 4cm.

Hard-wearing metal ensures a perfect shape every time and they are easily washable by hand. Anyone who enjoys baking would love these as a gift.

And if you'd rather keep the kids out of the kitchen these versatile cookie cutters can also be used to cut Christmas tree shapes from plasticine or Play-Doh.

Presented in plastic Box 10cm diameter. 3 sizes of cutter: 9 x 7cm / 6.5 x / 5.5 x 4cm. 

Caring for your cookie cutters:  Clean and dry throughly after use.  Store in a dry place.  

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