Bird of Paradise Brass Bangle

This pretty Bird or Paradise brass charm bangle would make a lovely gift for someone special.

It measures 6.5cm (diamater).  

The third image to the left shows the bird of paradise bangle stacked with one of our ivory freshwater pearl charm bangles which looks fab!

The bird of paradise symbolizes just that - Paradise - and the miracle of life on earth.

The Bird of Paradise was rumoured to have come from the heavenly realms, where it soared through paradise without ever touching the earth. In fact, most of the species are endemic to the forested highlands of New Guinea and nearby islands, but they can also be found in Indonesia and eastern Australia. The bird, and its legend, have travelled far afield and captured the imagination of people and cultures around the world. It is a testament to the extraordinary beauty of this winged vision.

Please see the matching pendant necklace and earrings available (see below). 






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